Cosmetic Dentistry (Porcelain Veneers)

Veneers are at the forefront of Cosmetic Dentistry, with this treatment option being very popular amongst many patients hoping to transform their smile. Porcelain Veneers are one of the most effective restorative procedures for restoring teeth that are chipped, stained or discoloured, or crooked.




Veneers mimic the appearance of natural teeth in their colour and function, with the treatment involving a thin layer of porcelain bonded over prepared natural tooth structure.


At Preston’s Dental, we recommend veneers for correcting smile concerns such as:


  • Gaps in your smile
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discolouration or staining
  • Uneven tooth edges
  • Restore unsightly, stained or washed out fillings
  • Straighten your smile instead of Orthodontics

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