Our Story

Our family team consists of highly experienced dentists and staff with over 20 years of experience delivering high quality and caring dental treatment.


Our two standout front office and clinical coordinators in Mariette and Alyssa have been with our dental team for over 6 years. They both strive to make your journey from making an appointment to finishing treatment an easy, gentle and relaxing one. They are much loved by our patients and especially the children who always seem to score a gift or reward for being brave. Their knowledge and understanding of all our dental treatments and the care they provide to our brave and even anxious patients will have you at ease. Their beautiful smiles complement their caring and friendly nature.


Dr Paul Nakad joins us from Melbourne University with over 6  years clinical experience and his areas of interest relate to cosmetic dental work and is working towards a specialty in root canal therapy (Endodontist). Dr Paul is a graduate of Melbourne University with  a degree in dentistry and in his spare time his athletic ability sees him playing on the weekend competitions in baseball and soccer whilst also enjoying time fishing and following the basketball.


Dr Eleidia Boustani joined us in 2020 and comes with over 7 years clinical experience and was a graduate from Charles Sturt University NSW.   Dr. Boustani loves treating our kids and is known for her great dental cosmetic work and dental surgical teeth removal. Her smile and quiet nature puts all our patients at ease.


Dr Joseph Lattouf has been a  dentist in Sydney for over the past 13 years and his areas of interest relate to his extensive experience in orthodontics and dental implant surgery. Dr Joseph is a graduate of Sydney University with degrees in Medical Science and Dentistry and in his spare time he loves to watch his Sydney Swans in AFL, plays basketball and enjoys fishing with his kids